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Saint Spotlight
St. Therese of Lisieux

"The Little Flower"

Patron Saint of: Vocations, Aviators, Missions (Co-Patron, with St. Francis Xavier) , and France (Co-Patron, with St. Joan of Arc)

Feast Day: October 1

Born: January 2nd, 1873

Died: September 30, 1897

St. Therese was born Marie Francoise Martin in Alencon, France, the youngest of nine children.  After the death of her mother at an early age, she moved to Lisieux and was raised by her older sisters and an aunt. She became very ill at the age of 10, and was healed when a statue of the Virgin Mary was brought into her room, which she said smiled at her.  Following the lead of two of her sisters, she became a Carmelite nun, taking on the name Therese of the Child Jesus. She was very young when she entered, and went so far as to ask the Pope himself to let her become a nun.  Under obedience, she wrote The Story of a Soul about her life.  She suffered from tuberculosis, but always bore it patiently; for as she told the Lord, "I want to live out my purgatory here on Earth."  It was tuberculosis which ultimately took her life.  She demonstrated humility, simplicity, and a beatiful love for God, joyfully accepting any suffering.   She is one of the most popular Saints (winner of our favorite Saint poll) and has been declared a doctor of the Church. She is a powerful intercessor: before she died, she proclaimed, "I will spend my Heaven doing good on Earth" and "I will let fall a shower of roses." There are countless people who have been touched by her intercession.

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